Antminer S17 Pro - 7nm SAME CHIPSET AS S19 Next Generation SHA256 BTC BITCOIN MINER - 59TH/s at 1850watt - IN STOCK IN USA

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ALL 17 SERIES ANTMINERS HAVE A VERY HIGH FAIL RATE with that said the ONLY 17 series antminer id run is the S17pro** - the T17 units many people have issue with stability myself included - and S17+ t17e etc all have a VERY high fail rate that i have personally dealt with LITERALLY 30% I PERSONALLY have 100 T17 units and after ONLY MONTHS 20-25% hashboards died meaning after 1 year running 90 dead hashboards out of 300 - The S17pro unit i have 100 and lost 15 in 1 year - thats a 15% rate better but note the S9 and antminer T9+ have a 5% fail rate along with the whatsminer M21 M20s and M3X miners


THE S17 base also STAY AWAY FROM --- only the pro ONLY THE S17 PRO ID EVER BUY FROM 17 SERIES with a higher temp solder the boards are fundamentally different on the pro models and provide stable hashrate when used correctly at UNBEATABLE EFFECIENCY under 25 watts per TH when tuned at 40TH undervolted some units get as low as 22 watt per TH at the wall! 


!!  Bitmain Antminer S17 pro factroy 53TH/s with PSU (of course) APW9 TUNED USING bosminer.conf AND FULL IMPLEMENTATION of StratumV2😱 making

THIS S17PRO unit can come STOCK but I ALWAYS have recommend my firmware mod as its in partnership with vnish MASSIVLY ADVANCED PROTECTION. the 17 series units are very very flakey VNISH HAS 4 layers of protection to help correct FACTORY flaws. i have used for years and its NOT SMOKE/MIRRORS VERY VERY BIG DIFFERENCE running stock units you will have a significant higher failure rate - with miningcrate firmware you get 20% MORE HASHRATE and LONGER LIFESPAN and better efficiency


THE UNITS ARE 50TH/s FROM FACTORY all S17 units are 50-56th from factory***

the 80-100TH/s is meant for immersion users/ the factory PSU will support the unit even at 100TH/s but you can only get 100TH/s in a immersion liquid tank

you can run the unit 80TH/s air cooled BUT THIS IS HEAVILY NOT RECOMMENDED - this WILL LOWER THE MINERS LIFESPAN - some people have had no issue running them over a year at 80TH/s lol but MOST PEOPLE that choose to go 80TH in air cooled factory units message me and let me know that as early as 2 months in some cases that they blew a hashboard or even had 1 user lose ALL 3 BOARDS. - again if that happens you can send them in to BITMAIN for repair even outside warranty - the repair fee is nothing its nominal (for example its less then 150 to repair all 3 hashboards) but its THE DOWN TIME it can take a month before your unit is back in your hands.

IN SHORT i personally run my units at 60TH/s and HEAVILY advise thats ALL you do as over a year running out of 10 S17 units i have ONLY LOST 1 HASHBOARD - thats 1 out of 30 hashboards (3 hashboards per unit) - i guarantee you if i was running 80TH that number would be AT LEAST 10 boards down lol

Hope this helps clear things up :)?



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