⛏ MiningCrate.Com - For Sale - 3MW [Expandable to 20MW] FULLY LOADED MINING FARM⛏

3 MW Expandable to 20 MWCryptocurrency mining facility completely built turnkey running farm mining multiple cryptocurrencies

with Miners [235 S17] - $2.5 million USD

without Miners - $1.3 million USD [Facility]

Please check sheet in brochure for full profitability details. 

Official Brochure

If you’re looking for a Mining farm that comes with equipment and on-site staff to help new owner get up to speed and learn all the equipment on site look no further this facility is by design able to be ran by one person. This currently is a small facility with quick (less than one month) and easy upgrade to 4 MW or by adding a substation [18months estimate] to increase up to 20 MW of capacity. After all taxes, fees, and government incentives the actual full cost could be as low as 0.065 cents all in. There may also may be other government incentives to further lower the rate. Further details in the brochure.

**Farm is currently running with a mixture of ASICS, FPGAS, and GPUs. The equipment included in the sale is not limited to the 235 S17s, it can be changed/adjusted depending on the needs, wants, and budget of the buyers**

Mining management stratums and vip from various large pools - also mast deployment programming and a lot of in-house tweaked management programs to allow for strategic Mining but if you’re just looking for a plug and play that’s obviously also an easy set up staff myself included would be there for one full week and I will have another person available for the entire first month for new ownership to help make sure they’re up to speed on everything that’s also included with the sale again with the market up your hard-pressed to find a facility that’s not only fully running but fully equipped and can we run by JUST YOU one person remotely managing with local on call staff if you need to ship and have gear swapped installed or reset. - call 3212770039 or email SuprexDirect@gmail.com / admin@miningcrate.com please make the title mining facility buyer i run MiningCrate.Com and i’m quite possibly the busiest human on the planet it feels lol. Enjoy