⛏ MiningCrate.Com - For Sale - 3MW [Expandable to 20MW] FULLY LOADED MINING FARM⛏

3 MW Cryptocurrency Data Mining Property (Expandable up to 20 MW); Facility ready for plug-and-play! - $3.2 million USD

Brochure below for more details!

Summary: UPGRADES FINALLY COMPLETE! If you’re looking for a Mining farm that comes with equipment, on-site staff, upgradable, and large power capacity, look no further! This facility is designed to be safe, secure, and efficient by one remote operator. The high security fence, locks, and flood lights ensure the operators are secure while at work. Hard wired network with encryption offers more security with remote operation capability.

Large Capacity: With recent construction this property has 3MW of capacity supplied to the facility with 2MW of power ready for plug-and-play operation. Two containers with 3 three phase 26,000 CFM variable speed fans that allows for forced air cooling with filtered inlets for overclocking large miners. Three other containers ready for large miner loads with adequate spacing and exhausts for optimal cooling.

Upgradable: [18months estimate] to increase up to 20 MW of capacity. After all taxes, fees, and government incentives the actual full cost could be as low as 0.065 cents all in.

Government Incentive: Kentucky allows for large scale mining companies to receive a tax incentive for large loads. For more details contact us.

Turnover Process: On-site staff will help with initial installation and turnover of all electrical distribution systems, networking, and remote desktop operations.

**Farm is currently running with a mixture of ASICS, FPGAS, and GPUs. Equipment and power cables may be included in the sale and is up for negotiation depending on needs of the buyer. Bulk orders are available for purchase in the event the buyer needs more**

Contact Us: admin@miningcrate.com