How to set-up your miner

  1. Connect your respective power supply unit to the unit. The order of the 6pin connectors do not matter.
  2. Please note where you connect your miner to insure you do not trip the wattage limit pertaining to the outlet. 15Amp outlet can pull a max continuous load of 1440 watts and a 20Amp outlet has a max continuous load of 1920 watts.
  3. Please connect the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port from your miner to your home router.
  4. To locate your miner, there are a few different options.
    1. Log into your router IP address by locating the IP address on the router.
    2. Place the IP address into a internet web browser and press enter to view your router GUI.
    3. Once you locate the right IP address of miner, place the IP address into a web browser to log into the miner’s GUI.
  5. Another way to locate miner is opening up the command prompt on your laptop and typing in arp -a
    1. Locate which IP address is the miner by taking each one and placing the IP address in a web browser to see which one pops up your miners GUI.
    2. Please note the configuration page is where you input your mining pool and your workers name/wallet address to obtain you crypto mining revenue. Depending on the pool you select your worker name/wallet address will vary. Please look over instructions on the pool you select for set up configurations for mining pool.