BITMAIN ETH ASIC MINER THAT YOUVE NEVER SEEN - The Antminer E7 - Next Generation Ethash ASIC Miner - MiningCrate.Com In house tune to 1GH/s - factory 800MH/s at 1200 watt

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Bitmain Antminer E7 800Mh 1300W mining ethash miner next gen ETC asic Bitmain Antminer e7 ETH IN USA - the power of OVER 6 antminer E3 UNITS at the wattage of 1

Bitmain Antminer E7 - named the Antminer E7pro by me post MiningCrate.Com Firmware tune - PROVIDING A SABLE 1000MH/s at under 1600watt

Payback Bitmain Antminer E7 800M 1200W


STICKER/ STOCK STATS Bitmain Antminer E7 800M 1200W

IN USA - delivery in 2 weeks or less - units can be shipped right from farm stock at a reduced price - when tuned the units come from my facility in kentucky to orlando FL where i not only tune them but  heavily OCD fully refurbish them to the 9s


The price of the goods is final! NO TAX NO TARRIFS what you pay here is all you ever pay

🤙 Special flexible conditions and an individual approach to bulk purchases! over 100 units avail as of 1/11/2022

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