Bitmain Antminer S9 - SHA256 Bitcoin ASIC Miner - Mines BTC 16TH/s at 1280Watts WITH APW3 PSU Included

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BITCOIN ASIC MINER antminer S9 factory 14Th tuned to stable run a consistent 17TH/s using 1400w +-5% - we have a partnership with everyone allowing us to remove our fee but the 1% 3rd party fee we cant remove. so we have partnership with VNISH MSK and Braiins if there's a firmware you like best let us know otherwise we will sell with bOSminer or miningcrate firmware. note WE DO UNLOCK AND SSH IS OPEN so what you do with the unit after receiving is up to you - note you can also request factoy firmware and we will still leave SSH open option at checkout.


units are STRONG not dogged out as old s9s have issue at 17th this is not only strong boards but tuned ourselves in house professionally by raising freq on strong chips only and waiting 12 hours between freq raise. the tune is stable already been tested and running in our facility for months this is a true plug and play 17TH unit 



00% hashing a stable reliable issue free 17-18TH/s - this S9 as individual hash board upgrades that you won’t find from any other seller / paired with MiningCrate specific completely open to user in an extremely friendly web GUI antminer S9j tuned with an extensive 12 to 24 hour aggressive per chip tune leaving you with not only a significant upgrade in power but A unit who’s control board knows the individual chips all 63 per hash board on a deeply intimate level (This tune only needs to be done once don’t worry you will always have this baseline and can tune the miner however you please (you will always be able to return to this baseline 💯👍)  try running 18 TH on an S9 unit that has not been professionally upgraded tuned and meticulously inspected like these MiningCrate signature Series S9js - this unit will run 24/7 without even accumulating ANY hardware errors - A number one question is: does running the unit at 17-18 TH hurt the lifespan?

NO - even running the unit at 18 TH due to the extensive tune provided The unit actually runs cleaner & more sophisticated .where certain chips will slightly down clock them selves at a time to reduce overall heat (i’m telling you the programming behind this is so beautiful I can only be described as art )- however I am unable to take the credit for this portion as miningcrate has a partnership with VNISH and I will give credit where credit is due. the brains behind this elegant strategic per chip tune and operating schematic is them - this results in a 1.5% developer fee that I am unable to remove because not only do they deserve it but that is their take on the partnership I remove my fee so this gives you literally the not only most user-friendly but absolute most powerful and sophisticated S9 firmware and management software with The smallest fee you’ll ever be able to do so 🔥 - The mining crate firmware also allows implementation with hive os anthill and a slew of other features like setting aside a percentage to pay for electric or rent scheduled times to hash lower or quiet - virtually anything you could’ve ever wanted and more as the bar gets raise with this S9 pro tuned 17-18Th smooth running bitcoin miner - that is so elegantly done it’ll run so clean that it will likely outlive you lol - Buy with extreme confidence the mining create signature S9 pro 17 -18TH +