Bitmain Antminer S17 Pro - 7nm SAME CHIPSET AS S19 Next Generation SHA256 BTC BITCOIN MINER - 59 TH/s at 1850 watts - IN STOCK IN USA

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This unit is different from other 17 series Antminers as it has a higher temp solder and fundamentally different boards, providing a stable hashrate when used correctly.

The unit can come stock, but it is recommended to use custom firmware mod by, which is in partnership with Vnish and provides four layers of advanced protection to help correct factory flaws, providing 20% more hashrate, longer lifespan, and better efficiency.

All S17 units are 50-56TH/s from the factory, and the 80-100TH/s is meant for immersion users. It is possible to run the unit at 80TH/s air cooled, but it is not recommended as it can lower the miner's lifespan. It is advised to run the unit at 60TH/s, as running at 80TH/s can lead to a higher failure rate.


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1 Antminer S17 Pro 53T With PSU


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