Bitmain Antminer T17 - Tuned STABLE 45TH/s at 2000w Greatly increasing efficiency AND HEAVILY HEAVILY ADDS LIFESPANE STABILITY AND LONGEVITY TO UNIT - 7nm Next Gen Bitcoin ASIC - USA Fast Ship

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the Antminer 7nm T17 Unit comes factory 42TH but using firmware unit can be tuned reliably to the following

45TH at 42Watt

55TH at 52 watt 

HOW - IMPLEMENTATION OF MiningCrate Firmware, or BOSMINER.CONF FULL OS REPLACMENT, or even bitmain factory OC released firmware (MiningCrate Firmware HEAVY RECOMENDED - for unmatched stability on hese units as they can be finicky - the 17 series miners have been known for there unstable mining and longevity - MiningCrate.Com Firmware FIXES THIS and is strongly the best thing anyone can do for there 17 series miner

NOTE unit can be stock if requested
APW9 PSU included 

please note MUST use 220-240V only uses 2x power cords
units are USED fully tested and cleaned then tuned to run as advertised