Antrouter R1-LTC - Wifi Router WITH antminer L3 BUILT IN CHIPSET THAT MINES! mines 2MH/s at 2 watts FANLESS AND WIRELESSLY - Can your router do that!? SET FOR A LOTORY full time solo miner support

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YES we overclocked it and TUNED IT because i simply cant help myself lol stock units are 1.2MH/s at 4 watt MY UNITS ARE 2MH/s at 3 watts Custom bitmain full support for solo lottery MINING with global web gui for all users to see who if anyone gets lucky and gets a whole block OR just set pool mining like a regular Antminer L3 asicminer full web gui and set up just like using an antminer L3 CAN EVEN INSTALL BLISS firmware LOL (dont do this as it will literally brick the router basically you will have to run a eth cord to it even like a stand alone asic lol I HAVE TUNED/clocked it best you can do trust me i went ocd with it 2MH/s at 3 watts OR LESS lol because efficiency is so important here HAHA - anyway fun solo miners or very powerful portable routers kinda the coolest bitmain product i hope to see more stuff like this from them in the future

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