Baikal Giant BK-X ASIC MINER - Multiple Algorithms X10 MultiMiner PSU Included

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Baikal Miner Giant BK-X Multi Algorithm MINES 10 ALGORITHIMS AN DHUNDREDS OF COINS AT EXTREAMLY LOW WATTAGE USE AND VERY VERY LOW NOISE Miner. Condition is "AA" tested under load at MiningCrate Facility all hashboards are 100% some units still in original box

This miner is a multi algorithm miner that is low power compared to most asics and has the ability to use multiple algorithms. This miner is able to mine the major coins like Dash, DGB, Quark, Groestl and tons of smaller and newly launching coins.

This miner INCLUDES PSU 


-MINER BK-X multi-miner mines 10 different algorithms and hundreds of coins

-HP 750w PSU power supply works on 110V and 22V

-PSU BreakOut Board 

- 6 Pin PSU Wires 6x 6 pin psu to miner Wires

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