ANTMINER S19pro IN HAND UNITS USA MiningCrate Tuned STABLE 125-150TH/s - UNDER BITMAIN WARRANTY** Mod firmware is on SD card just remove sd card and unit goes back to stock NO VOIDED WARRANTY 140TH/s

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BITMAIN ANTMINER S19J PRO 104TH/s - Ships to you NO TARRIFS what you pay here is all you pay ever - guaranteed to your door in under 2 weeks (usually 7 days)


FACTORY STOCK 10-110TH STICKERED PRO MODEL AND UNMODIFIED custom firmware runs INDIPENDENTLY on the sd card and never writes to unit - MEANING NEVER VOIDING WARRANTY also the units are PROFESSIONALY tuned to 125-150TH/s (you can go higher but my settings DO NOT HARM THE UNIT and as the firmware has EXTRA EFUSE PROTECTION ACTUALLY LENGTHEN THE LIFE OF THE UNIT - literally***!


Run MORE HASHRATE - recommended best is 135TH/s at 4100watt - i have this running on all my pro units I've NEVER lost a hash-board - but even if you did BITMAIN WARRANTY IS ON THE UNIT - even outside warranty its only 40$ per hashboard to repair.  literally say in 3 years a board breaks BITMAIN STILL SUPPORTS AND REPAIRS THE MINER they just charge 40$ per board.


example the antminer s9 is 6 years old since first one was made - bitmain STILL covers them at 40$ a hashboard 

pps - its 40$ for everything meaning if psu dies send it in 40$ - if the control board dies send it in 40$ etc etc - but again RIGHT NOW UNDER WARRANTY FREE REPAIRS but the warranty is irrelevant as i have had many S19 units and know many people. my first units have been running over a year now and are out of warranty - but THIS UNIT IS VERY VERY WELL MADE AND VERY STABLE no body i know myself included has ever had a s19 go down lol so my out of warrnty units neverneeded a warranty and wont for years to come by the looks of it.



however on request i have firmware from my partnership developed to run these at a stable 130-140TH - but i can ALSO provide NEVER MODIFIED stock units on request