FusionSilicon X2 - MULTI MINER - simultaneously mines 3 algorithms - RARE ASIC MINER - MiningCrate.Com Modified to 30% better performance

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Comes OVERCLOCKED 450Gh MRY-GROSTLE (VERGE) 2TH blake2s (XVG) and 120 GH kayak AT 1000w at the wall

WAS NEW IN BOX OPENED FOR BitGeSell RELEASE FusionSilicon X2s ASIC - mining 3 algorithms simultaneously - HAVE CUSTOM BUILT WEB GUI FIRMWARE AVAILABLE FOR THESE WILL INSTALL AT BUYERS REQUEST -Giving YOU full control of settings WITHOUT exporting and re importing config via "upgrade" tab just makes things a lot smoother when trying to tune 

NOTE! between nicehash mining rig rentals - mining dutch and zergpool combine check  out income-- BUT myself and minds far greater then my own cant get settings to stick after 5 min the unit will "self correct" to factory settings - this has the version 4 control board its rumored that only version 3 boards can hold custom settings - I don't know why but IF ANYONE knows the reason for self adjusting via watchdog or a shadow config PLEASE MESSAGE ME its been one of the greatest frustrations of my life trying to resolve i will pay and or provide a free unit TO ANYONE that can show me what on gods green earth i missed and make the settings stick!

 passive SET AND FORGET AGAIN REALLY DOES HASH THESE MARKS BUT READ ABOVE over 1000hours of development between 6 different people on this CANT GET SETTINGS TO STAY they do stay in kernel log there called and used but hash-rate will go to factory in 5 min currently resting device every 5 min would be only way to see stats stay elevated 🙄 I have actually set one like this with boot time over 24 hours it was better 24 hour income but insanity lol - but this is ridiculous that there is one missing link that's keeping this from greatness 

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