IPOLLO G1 - GRIN ASIC Miner - earns 5$ a day at 100 watt silent home miner - G1 mini - SSH UNLOCKED

  • $750
    Unit price per 

THIS POST IS FOR THE MINI**** THE MINI IS SILENT picture is of the G1 BIG mega unit! these are over 15k each but i can get them call or email if want the big.


THE MINI can do 4.2 GH/s on Grin31 chuckaro31 mining MWC - overclocked a stable 5-6GH/s on G31 is easy to maintain and 2GH/s on Grin32 (factory 1.2GH/s on G32)

makes a profit of 5$ a day on MWC as of today 1-31-2022

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