PSU 1600W 220v 6Pin ASIC Mining power supply - PLATINUM+ PLUS 96% EFFECIENCY

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10 pin SILVER MAIN PIC 1600W 93% platinum plus ASIC PSU 

1600W Antminer ASIC FPGA + GPU Mining PSU, 12x connectors RATED Gold Plus USA. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS First Class Package.

MININGCRATE-COM MINING PSU 1600W - 6pin connectors - GOLD + Rating

1600W 220V Power Supply For ASIC GPU FPGA AND server cpu farm mining equipment.


1 x 1600W Power Supply


6pin PCI-E*8pcs

The power is 1600w conversion efficiency of 90 at peak, is 12V multi-channel. 12V rated power 1500W, 1600w conversion efficiency after the formation of 1500w, the machine is 1600w rated program full

Can bring 6 graphics card actual graphics interface is 12

Compatible with 370/470/380/480/580/1060/1070

Input Voltage: 160-260V

Input Frequency:50Hz-60Hz

Input Current:20-10A

OUTPUT: +12.0V---120.5A +5VSB---3.0A +3.3V---15A +5V---16.5A -12.0V---0.6A

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