MiningCrate Tuned HNS ASIC HS5 Handshake & Siacoin ASIC Miner STABLE 🔥 6,000 GH/s at 1600watt 🔥

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Product Description SERIES 5 sia and HNS

The 🔥 HN5 🔥     

UNIT EARNS AS OF 3/01/2021

33$ A DAY ON SIA COIN at 1500WATT (2$ a day cost of power) USING 0.08$ PER KWH

38$ A DAY on HANDSHAKE HNS at 2900WATT (4$ a day cost of power)

HS5: mining handshake or siacoin

Voltage Input :220-264V AC

HNS Hashrate:3000GH/s(+-9%)HANDSHAKE 3TERAHASH
HNS Wall Power: 2900W(+-9%)
SC Hashrate:6000GH/s(+-9%)SIACOIN 6TERAHASH
SC Wall Power: 1600W(+-9%)

Noise: ≤80db (loud as a full size asic like antminer s17 or antminer S9)
Connection: Ethernet
Dimension: 264mm×200mm ×290mm
Weight: 8.5kg


PLEASE NOTE WILL BE 10-15 DAYS SHIP TIME* custom 3rd party firmware with very slight mod/ tune provided UNIT WILL BE BRAND NEW IN BOX and use the program sent via email to you BY DEFAULT