Digital Multimeter Auto-Ranging Voltmeter

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Often you find yourself needing to troubleshoot outlets or other power sources for your cryptocurrency equipment needs. We have found this meter to be extremely useful in a pinch. The digital display makes it extremely easy to use!

Smart digital multi-meter - Thanks to its Smart Auto Mode, TESMEN TM-510 4000 counts smart digital multimeter allows you to quickly switch between all measurement tasks, including AC/DC voltage, resistance, and continuity, without selecting a mode or range. It makes measuring work easy, fast, and accurate
Non-Contact - Completely safe Non-Contact Voltage test with a visual and audible alarm; a time-saving and safe feature. You can measure the voltage on the AC wire without having to connect the wire, which makes troubleshooting the line much easier
Safety Guarantee - CAT II 600V, CE, and RoHS certified. Overload protection measures are used inside the instrument to improve the product's safety performance and maximise users' safety. The outer silicone cover protects the multimeter from damage and potential electric shock


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