Tuned Antminer T9+ 🔥14TH/s MiningCrate.Com Custom Firmware🔥 2 Stage per chip Tune - Unlocked gets 14TH/s STABLE RELIABLE and at under 1400Watt

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Bitmain Fine Tuned Antminer T9+ 
Tuned Per Chip with real Asicboost 🔥 13TH/s Reliably 🔥 S9 chipset
🌀Using🌀    ⓂiningCrate.Com   🌀Firmware🌀
🌠no psu included at this cost🌠

All units are tested fully - then run for 24 hours 🕙 
🌀as per chip tune takes up to 12 hours alone and then 12 hours past for stability🌀 
unit can come tuned to:
🌠14TH at 1380w
Or for efficiency set:
🌠10TH at 910watt

lastly if your not running off natural gas or Canada / Texas / buffalo New York: 
Just what i'm saying is if you have an electric rate above 3 cent per KW then you should run it in:
advanced ultra low power mode
Providing +or- 5% the following:
🌠7.1TH/s at a staggering 550 watt average🌠
This is on par with the antminer S9 at over 50% less

For example BUY 2 T9s for less then 1x S9 and you can run both off a single PSU (you will need wire splicers of course turn each 1x into 2 if using apw3 - and get them for LESS then cost of a single S9

The T9 is hailed as the reliable S9 - built for set it and forget it these miners are freaking tanks - builtproof - immortal haha
AND Bosminer (a huge upgrade) is coming to the T9 platform in the next few months - This will be a gamechanger and make the units run 13TH at under 900W using Stratum V2 - Its going to be biblical 

Buy with Confidence